The book is ready!

26 Jan

It’s actually been ready for a while, but I figured I’d wait until the new year before letting everyone know about it! You can get a copy here!

Crushing snails


23 Aug

I just wanted to share this, and say that the film, music and book are almost done. I know, I’ve been working at the speed of a snail…

Danny & Matty

26 May

Long time no post. I haven’t forgotten, but I haven’t received any pictures in a while. However, yesterday my inbox pinged when this lovely picture came in, and I figured I should tell you where I am at. The book is written and has been edited, so just waiting to put the finishing touches to it. The film is rough cut and edited also, but I’m still fiddling with some scenes that don’t please me 🙂 And the music is still a hassle. I’ve been balancing it with some pretty difficult personal life recently, but I’m hoping to have the whole thing completed soon and out in the big wide world for consumption 🙂 Slow but sure, that is the snail’s way…

Danny & Matty


West Yorkshire

27 Oct

It was great to receive a new picture yesterday with a new snail. I think this snail should be called Barbara, as we don’t have a Barbara yet! Take a look!

Monty and Bugsy

22 Oct

I briefly got a chance to go home last week and visit my Mum. She had borrowed a neighbour’s pony to help cut the grass. This is Bugsy, looking as if he could eat a snail too! Watch out Monty!


11 Oct

This was the subject line of an email that arrived this morning into my inbox. Take a look at this little beauty! Natasha and Andrew are travelling with this snail but haven’t given it a name, so I suggest Terence, after Terence Trent Darby. Derby. Darby. Geddit? Rubbish joke… here are the pics:

Real Snail Mail

5 Oct

If you think I’m mad, check this crazy project out:

Lucy R.I.P.

4 Oct

I got this sad message from Sandra today:

First of all sorry, that I haven’t written you an email for sooo long! Hope you’re fine! I forgot also to tell you that Lucy sadly died a rainy accident. She got so wet, that she was completely destroyed. Attached is probably the last pic I’ve got from her.

Such tragedy. Our journey comes to an end soon methinks…


27 Sep

Just when you thought it was going quiet. Here is a lovely set of pictures from Venice, and our snail is moving on with a different traveller after this lovely couple took the pictures! Take a look:


18 Sep

Take a look at IMDB, they’ve given us a page…



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